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Spotlight on: Central Library Rotunda and Cop Saves Bird

I was in Downtown Los Angeles a couple weeks ago to look at photo books at the Central Library and discovered that its a truly amazing place. I had been briefly before but never explored. There are 5 levels of books and reference materials on just about any subject and they have a great collection of photo books that I could have thumbed through for hours.

Being there led me to create two images that I love and made it into my book,"Single Frame Stories."

First there is this one from the Rotunda:

The expanse of the room is represented nicely here. The girl in the foreground seems awed in how large and beautiful the space is. All the people are focused on the surrounding murals and the hanging globe. It has nice balance and tones throughout. Feel free to comment if you have criticism of the image.

After I was done looking at photo books, I walked back to the train via Broadway. As I was about to cross the street a bike cop stopped traffic to assist an injured pigeon out of the street. He stopped cars, carefully picked up the bird and eventually a man who claimed he could heal the bird took it away. I got the below image during the moment while the cop was bringing the bird out of the street:

There is good depth to this image. I wish the tones were a bit more dynamic as it is hard to make out the bird from the cop's gloves. The light was great at that time, as the setting sun lined up with building on Broadway. The slack jawed look of the man on the right adds some humor. What do you think? Comment below, praise or criticism welcome!