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Spotlight on: Franklin Village

I recently rediscovered this image I made in early 2017. I like the mystery and depth that it provides. The mirror seems like an out of place detail, but when seen in real life it serves a major purpose, aiding drivers backing out of an apartment driveway. When framed like this, it's almost a view into an alternate dimension where the shapes of the Dr. Suess-like palm trees intersect with each other. The circle shape of the mirror also contrasts nicely with the linear shapes of the palm trunks and house in the reflection. It's a simple image but also complex, I like how it's a fun reimagining of reality right in front of you. Beyond just looking up on the trees it also gives some depth and an intersecting line along the trees, which meet in the lower 3rd of the image.

What do you see when you look at this image?