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My Favorite Photos of 2017

This year was an exciting one for my photography. I got to travel to many parts of the world: Japan, England, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico and India. I also shot quite frequently on the streets of my hometown of Los Angeles. I pushed myself to find better content, chase good light, get closer to my subjects, edit with an iron fist and to shoot as often as I could. I got continued support from my girlfriend Rachel, my photo teacher Julia Dean and my new photographer friends Keith Dannemiller and Craig Boehman.

In 2018 I hope to travel to more distant places and more places in California. I want to shoot more often than I do now and to always have my camera with me. I want to enter more street photography shows and get my work displayed all over the world. And I want to blog more to talk about photography and life, sharing my work with the Internet.

Above is a gallery of my favorite photos from 2017. If you have any comments or feedback on them please leave a comment below.

Thanks and happy holidays!