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Mexico City 2017

I just got back from Mexico City and there is no better city for Street Photography. So many people, all so open and having their moments in public. Any time I went out on the streets of either the Centro Historico or Coyoacan, I was surrounded by people in joyous moments, sad moments, intimate moments and mundane moments. Having over 21 million people in the city helps, but the spirit that is encapsulated in Mexico City also contributes. Everyone I spoke to was very outgoing and willing to connect and be present. I feel like Los Angeles can be like that too at times, but it more guarded. Whether it's our car culture or our American Individualistic culture, we are sheltering ourselves from each other in Los Angeles.

Below are some of my favorite photos from Mexico City.

Under a watchful eye, Basilica de Guadeloupe.

Sunday morning at the Basilica de Guadeloupe. There were probably 20,000 people out for Sunday Mass. A small crowd in Mexico City terms.

At a park near the Centro Historico there is a weekly gathering of elderly folks who participate in "Dazon," a Cuban form of music and dance. Each song has movements, and when the movement changes, everyone stops and waits while the tempo of the song increases. It was a fun scene with some very welcoming older people and good music.

Wearing his Saturday best for the Danzon in Mexico City.

People learning Danzon from instructors all around the park.

Oranges for sale next to the large flower market.

San Angel streets.

Mexico City library. A stunning building that was very old and felt indoors and outdoors all at the same time.

Lovers in Coyoacan.